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So sick of being tired and so tired of being sick

Another Monday. Another day I survived. My day was full of emptiness. I was still standing somewhere in my world far away from life. School was just a hazy picture of my memory, maybe I was there, just physically. My thoughts were spinning fast, and I fell apart in daydreaming and remembering old days. Everything is so far away, I don't feel it anymore. Maybe it's just because I don't cry after it. Life makes me break. I'm too emotional for this world where you should be strong enough to put all this away. But I'm fragile as the wings of a butterfly. If I'm just touched by words, music or whatever, I break, I burst into tears, even if I can't show it. Inside myself everything leaves an impression, and a tear, a scar, a memory. I wish myslf away from life, so that I don't need to hide anymore, behind a faked smile.

~I dream in darkness, I sleep to die,  erase the silence, erase my life, our burning ashes blacken the day, a world of nothingness, blow me away~ *Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice*

11.9.06 18:22

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