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So many things...

... happened in the last week. I've been to Denmark. It was great, even if I often felt depressive. There were many people to cheer me up. First of all: Veronica, the danish student I stayed with. She is such a nice girl and I admire her for her strength. Her family was also very impressive and we had so much tings to talk about. Then there were my teachers, who are a bit childish, but with whom I often spent my time on excursions, because I didn't feel well enough to go with my friends. They were too "happy", and I can't stand this, when I'm sad. But maybe it was also good for me to get to know the teachers a bit better, and I've learned that they are also just humans, not the perfect monsters we see. The days went by too fast, I could hardly breathe, I had tears in my eyes, I didn't want to leave... but I had to. So this week I have to fight again in school. Today a Test in French, tomorrow in sports I have to run between the lines, a horror-trip. My psychological health will suffer a lot tomorrow, not only these lines, we have history, and I don't wanna go. But I have to...

~It's easier to run, replacing this pain with something numb~ *Linkin Park - Easier to run*

26.9.06 19:36

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